My objective is to create fun, believable characters, by using my extensive experience in animation and production.


Undead Labs June 2015 – Present
Seattle, WA
Animation Director

State of Decay 2
- Responsible managing and directing the animators on staff
- Responsible for managing and directing up to 7 remote and in-house animation contractors
- Worked with staff animators to establish the animation style
- Planned and directed multiple motion capture shoots
- Influential in designing the character rigs
- Worked closely with production on scheduling and animation budgets

Moonrise -mobile (canceled project)
- Animated various fantasy characters
- Managed and directed the animator on staff
- Managed and directed up to 4 remote animation contractors

Undead Labs
June 2011 – June 2015
Seattle, WA
Animator for State of Decay - XBLA
- Responsible for animating all 3rd person characters and Zombie hordes.
- Managed and directed up to 4 remote animation contractors

Zipper Interactive October 2005 – June 2011
Redmond, WA
Animator for MAG - Massive Action Game - PS3
- Responsible for animating the first person character and weapons.
Animator for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals - PS3
- Duties include: Enhancing mocap, Keyframing, and making Previsualization movies.

Amaze Entertainment April 2003 – October 2005
Kirkland, WA
Lead Animator for Lord of the Rings Tactics - PSP
- Managed two other animators
- Managing animation assets and schedules
- Keyframing realistic characters and editing motion capture
- Influential in defining character rigging company wide

Lead Animator on multiple game demos, prototypes and cutscenes.
- Responsible for animating the main characters
- Managed up to four animators
- Responsible for pre-production, scheduling, naming conventions, character rigging, and character sheets.

Animator on Digimon Rumble Arena 2- XBOX, PS2, GameCube
- Animated various anime/cartoony characters from the Digimon Universe
- Influential in defining the style and timing of the animations

Escape Factory Nov. 2002 – March 2003
Seattle, WA
Animator for an unreleased XBOX title
- Was hired to animate one of two main playable characters
- Animated various cartoony monsters
- Influential in improving melee combat system for the main character

Sucker Punch Productions 1998 – 2002
Bellevue, WA
Lead 3D modeler and animator for “Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus” PS2 game
- Modeled and animated the main character Sly Cooper, as well as some of the non-playable characters in the game
- Played a key role in an award winning effort for animation from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
- Played a key role in establishing the personality of the main character
- Influential in developing the way character animation is used in the Sucker Punch game engine
- Influential in the creation of production tools for modeling, animation, and scene management
- Lead a team of four level designers in the creation of cartoony 3D game environments
- Managed physical properties on objects, performance issues and gameplay enhancements in the environments that I worked on
Lead 3D modeler for Rocket Robot on Wheels game for N64
- Designed and modeled 3 of the 7 worlds
- Animated the opening movie and modeled out the environment that it takes place in
- Managed physical properties on objects, performance issues, and gameplay enhancements in the environments that I worked on

Microsoft 1991 - 1998
Redmond, WA
2D/3D animator and modeler
- 3D Animator and modeler for “NFL Fever 2000” PC game 7/97 to 7/98
- Lead 3D artist for Interactive Media Production (IMP) 7/95 to 7/97 Where I designed and produced flight maneuver help animations for Flight Simulator, which was one of many projects done for a variety of clients at the IMP
- 2D animation on a variety of CD-ROM titles including Bookshelf ’91, ‘92 and Encarta, from 1991 to July 1995

Reid Johnson Design 1992-1995
Seattle, WA
Animation, Illustration and Design
- Clients included: Microsoft, Asymetrix, Aldus, PrintNorthwest, WallData, McCaw Cellular, and Multicom
1991–1993 Asymetrix Corporation Bellevue, WA Graphic Designer
- Designed, produced and illustrated the Toolbook On-line tutorial, Compel, and Media-Blitz marketing demos
1989–1991 Aldus Corporation Seattle, WA
Graphic Designer, Illustrator
- Page layout and illustration for Aldus Pagemaker and Aldus Freehand documentation and on-line tutorials


Animation Mentor April 2007 - September 2008
- Create a piece that was chosen for the Student Showcase for Summer 2008
It can be seen 1.46 into the showcase.
- Graduated with Advanced Studies in Character Animation Certificate

Cornish College of the Arts 1986 – 1989
Seattle, WA
- B.F.A. in Graphic Design

University of Washington 1984 – 1986
Seattle, WA
- Studied Graphic Design

Green River Community College 1982-1984
Auburn, WA
- Studied Architectural and Mechanical Drafting

References available on request